Yael Naim


posted on 04/02/10

Yael plays Dorit in the Simpsons

Yael is lending her voice to Dorit, on an episode of The Simpsons, entitled “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed,” !

When Homer interrupts Ned Flanders’ Bible study group with his naked Slosh ’n’ Splash shenanigans, the Simpsons’ pious neighbor vows to redeem Homer by inviting the family along on a church retreat to Israel
While there, Homer fails to grasp the importance of the city until a crazy tour guide takes them around the city and opens Homer's eyes.
Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno, Borat, ...) plays the pretty angry Israeli tour guide who encounters the Simpsons during the church-group trip to the Holy Land. And Yael plays his elementary-school-aged daughter, Dorit...
Watch the episode, click here