Yael Naim


posted on 08/20/09

Around Robert Wyatt

Vous pouvez retrouver Yael dans le dernier album de l'Orchestre National de Jazz (ONJ) "Around Robert Wyatt"

Robert Wyatt is a truly unique artist. Ever since Rock Bottom, his 1974 masterpiece, invariably listed among the most outstanding albums in the history of rock, the singer has inspired nothing but respect and passion.

Conceived as part of a collaboration between Robert Wyatt and Daniel Yvinec specially for the ONJ, this programme pays homage to the universe and protean personality of the singer. In addition to Wyatt himself, Yvinec has invited other well known voices to offer their own versions of a repertoire consisting of Wyatt originals and songs memorably interpreted by the singer.

Yael sings on 2 songs : "Just As You Are" in duet with french singer Arno and on "Shipbuilding"

also featuring : Camille, Daniel Darc, Irene Jacob & Rokia Traore.

more infos : http://www.onj.org/en/disco-onj/