Another passion in Yaël's life :


Yaël exposed some of her paintings, for one month, in the restaurant "Le dos de la baleine" (Paris, 4th). Visit...

The majority of people knows Yaël as a singer, and some discovered her because of extraordinary voice. But she has many other talents... The main one is certainly the painting. She also admits : "My other dream is to do painting. I love this artistic form but I do things step by step."

Yaël gives her first brushstock at 4, and what was just considered as a free time hobby at the beggining, becomes a passion very quickly. "I was very interested in it. I did that all day long. And then, she stops painting in order to devote herself to the music."

"Like every child, we do painting when we go to nursery school. So I did painting and they said that it was very different at that time, because other children drew like that, a tree, a trick, and me I did painting with a lot of colours. So my parents went to see a painter, a teacher, and they wanted to make me learn how to paint. But the man told them that I was too young. That types of lessons were too technical. It was necessary that I did what I liked. Moreover he said that I would choose either painting or an other form of art. And at the end I chose music. Later on I kept on painting, because I like that."

At 18 years old, she starts again painting, images and colours in her head; "then at the begginig I bought some paint and I started." Today painting holds a significant part in her life. She expresses what she feels, "if I am happy, sad". She knows that she doesn't have any technique but explains that it's a way of expression. "I need that, I do it and the rest doesn't matter."

Paintings present on this page are personal creations of Yaël...